Our Story

The Orbis Vision

Orbis was created to power human intuition with software intelligence, enabling organizations to make the decisions that matter. Our clients depend on our team’s deep experience and industry knowledge to drive change and achieve results within their organizations.

What We Do

Technology is no longer the future; it is now. Without the right tools, your company will struggle to stay efficient in a quickly moving market. Since our March 2000 launch, Orbis has provided our clients with the most premier, advanced GIS services and technology solutions in the industry. With current projects spanning the continental U.S., Australia, Africa, and Central and South America, we are a prominent player in the multi-billion-dollar global GIS mapping industry.

Whether your organization is large or small, you need dependable data to make the best decisions. Orbis’ team of experts simplifies the process of obtaining aerial imagery, GIS, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and remotely acquired intelligent digital data. We provide consistent data you can trust for natural resources, land management systems and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring exceptional value to our clients in the natural resource, forestry, utility and GIS industries by utilizing our technical expertise and problem-solving abilities to provide expert software development and professional service solutions.

Our Values

At Orbis, we have defined a set of core values that guide our day-to-day interactions with clients and each other. These values are based on the elements of passion, integrity and excellence.

  • We live up to our responsibilities and work in an ethical manner.
  • We always aim to get it right the first time and never accept second-best.
  • We focus on excellence by continuously enhancing our standards, technology and employee training.
  • We encourage people to experiment and take smart risks.
  • We foster creative thinking that leads to practical solutions to data and business challenges.
  • We deliver ongoing value for our clients, both financial and operational.
  • We easily scale the team working on projects exactly when it’s needed.
  • We are full security partners, dependable and committed to answering urgent requests within one business day.

How We Work

Orbis works in close partnership with our clients, taking the time to listen and understand what your organization needs. We tailor each project to your unique situation by defining the project vision and creating a clear strategy based on your specific requirements.

  1. Client Requirements. Your project coordinator and our project manager get acquainted, address preliminary questions, and review the project questionnaire and client-specific requirements.
  2. Development Strategy and Requisite Plans. We identify internal participating organizational entities and coordinate the planning, modeling and programming processes.
  3. Site Development, Data Upload and Testing. We build the application structure, implement your requests and reports, import your data and test the site before going live.
  4. Application Launch and Client Training. After the application goes live, we provide formal online user training regarding access and reporting of the system and your data.
  5. Transition Meeting. Post application launch, we coordinate a meeting to introduce your new point of contact for ongoing administrative support.
  6. Continual Updates. Ongoing support begins after implementation of the client system. An Orbis account manager acts as your single point of contact. As new activities occur, you notify your account manager and send the related documentation for processing.

Great collaborations result in great work. Your participation is crucial from start to finish. We rely on your expertise and feedback throughout the process to help us fully understand your business and your challenges, so we create the best customized solutions for your company.

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