Atlas Land Records (Atlas)

Enter a World of Clean Investment Records

Data and legal documentation are your biggest assets when managing millions of dollars in the timberland asset class. To avoid errors or duplicate records, which can lead to disputes, appeals and corrections, you need clean records.

Simplify and Streamline with Atlas

Acquisition due diligence uncovers key information vital to a property’s operational activities. So, when a land sale transaction is complete, your due diligence is done too, right? No, not if you want your team to rely on documentation and books left sitting on an unknown shelf, outdated parcel data and legal documents, or documents that are incompatible with current operational systems. Timberland asset managers need clean records.

Clean records more effectively facilitate the management of timberland investment assets by streamlining the way to keep, find, access and analyze crucial investment records, including easements/rights-of-way, inspections, surveys, warranty deeds and other supporting documentation. Orbis’ Atlas Land Records (Atlas) service provides secure, cloud-based storage, maintenance and analysis of the records data under management by timberland investment companies. This contemporary, efficient, user-centric solution keeps track of legally accurate investment documents, providing confidential, yet easy access to up-to-date records in always-available, highly searchable form.

Atlas Land Records Goals

The overall goal of Atlas is to provide our clients with a powerful tool for ensuring fiduciary accountability and business standards through the accessibility of current records. Specifically, Atlas:

  • Enables easy, secure access to your legal documentation
  • Efficiently and effectively determines records discrepancies
  • Ensures a higher value asset

How Atlas Helps You

Atlas Land Records allows your team to track land sales and manage and optimize the allocation of resources. Our analysis minimizes errors and maximizes accuracy, while creating and maintaining each asset’s history.

How Orbis Adds Value to Your Organization

Atlas, a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, allows you to minimize risk. Combining enterprise technology, field operations and big data, Atlas enhances your performance and overall workforce productivity by giving teams 24/7 access to the information they need, wherever they are.

Atlas offers you the opportunity to have your current data analyzed, stored and maintained in a custom cloud-based document management system. This service enables land professionals to visualize and analyze company assets effectively, maximizing ROI and ultimately minimizing risk.

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