Property Tax Viewer

User-Centric, Cloud-Based Software Offers Quick Insight

Our Property Tax Viewer cloud-based software, which stores clients’ property tax data, provides rapid insight for improved decision-making throughout the timberland investment life cycle. It allows you to confidently monitor, explore and share insights from your data.

Ease Your Administrative Burden

Orbis created the Property Tax Viewer to offer secure role-based access to trusted, real-time data and reports, empowering users with the ability to collaborate internally to drive better insights and business decisions. From the dynamic dashboard, clients can view the activities and key performance indicators most vital to their organizations’ goals and objectives. Plus, county tax contact information is regularly updated, making managing your property taxes easier.

Simplifying Property Tax Management

A centralized repository for your property tax data is part of our streamlined process for improved management and internal analysis of tax rates across your ownership. Through our tailored reporting and the Property Tax Viewer’s dashboard, you can easily access and understand your data, including GIS data, parcel data, tax bills and reports.

This software is part of our overall property tax management solution that helps clients organize, track and report property taxes. When you allow Orbis to become your property tax administrator, you:

  • Shift the burden of tracking and reporting by handing us the responsibility of importing tax bills, notifying your accounts payable personnel and reconciling records
  • Ensure compliance and continuity by leveraging technology to automate the labor-intensive, potentially error-prone manual process of importing and managing tax bills
  • Create real-time, web-based access that makes all your property tax data available to you in a convenient and secure manner

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