Recreational License Management System (RLMS)

Hassle-Free Recreational License and Access Permits

Our proprietary Recreational License Management System (RLMS) is a turnkey solution supporting the organization and administration of recreation license operations, including hunting licenses, land permits, and mineral and oil licenses. We currently administer over 13 million acres in our client systems.

Use Your Assets to Improve Cash Flow

Your timberland assets are just waiting to be enjoyed. All you need to do is license plots of idle land to individuals, families, groups and formal hunt clubs for outdoor recreational use. To make this easy for you, Orbis has invested in the infrastructure, staffing and expertise needed to implement and maintain a successful recreational licensing operation.

Our proprietary Recreational License Management System (RLMS) is a secure, cloud-based system that supports your licensing operations, so you can generate profit without hassle. Orbis is the largest administrator of licenses/permits in the U.S. Our RLMS has the functionality to administer access permits in addition to hunting, camping, cabin, snowmobile and ATV licenses.

RLMS has grown exponentially in popularity, which is why we introduced our administration program in 2013 as an additional benefit for our clients. Our RLMS administration team has processed nearly $100 million in revenue in the last five years.

About Our RLMS Service

Our RLMS allows timberland management organizations to transfer multiple responsibilities to their public group of end users while still providing each individual end user the power to control his or her license processing time. With available functionality such as e-signature and e-payment options, each system is optimized to suit the specific needs of the client.

Additionally, Orbis offers a wide array of in-house administrative services with our RLMS, including:

  • Setting up and processing all licenses
  • Monitoring the status of license documents
  • Marketing available properties
  • Tracking, receiving and processing all agreements
  • Generating and mailing letters
  • Collecting and processing license revenue
  • Notifying clubs of land sales/timber harvests
  • Updating GIS layers
  • Providing email and phone support

Key Benefits of RLMS Services

Improved Efficiency
Our system was created as a cloud product for both the user and the landowner as a means to increase both the efficiency and administration of the hunting license process.

Convenient Reporting
RLMS allows managers to capture significant recreational license information stored within the application’s database. Role-based, secure login access determines the types of reports available for specific levels of system accessibility.

Combined Business and Technical Functionality
RLMS provides the landowner with an administration application, and the end-user with comprehensive license management tools for streamlined execution of contracts. Additionally, we offer telephone/email support and guidance throughout the entire license term.

Cost Savings
Orbis helps timberland investment companies cost-effectively manage the revenue stream derived from recreational licenses. Through easy access to the Internet and online processing, RLMS improves organization, management and marketing, while reducing administrative and accounting time — resulting in net cost savings.

How Orbis Adds Value to Your Organization

By delivering RLMS through the Internet in our Software as a Service (SaaS) business model, organizations do not have to invest in their own infrastructure and staff to build and maintain expensive systems. Our cloud-based interface means that client’s technical, spatial and business data is hosted at Orbis’ trusted data center.

Users operate within a secure web environment to input information, extract data, generate analytical reports and create maps for distribution or printing. The stored contact data allows for improved communication efficiencies with our clients’ end users, while the dynamic maps provide a better illustration of available licensing areas to the public.

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