Count Your Blessings

Thanksgiving is about more than turkey; it is about being thankful for the people and things in our lives. At Orbis, our job and coworkers are no exception.

We spend most of our time at work – collaborating with cohorts, building client relationships, growing our skill set and doing what we love. Figuring out what you are grateful for at your job can help provide clarity and vision for your role and get you back in the working mood once your Thanksgiving feast has settled.

Here are some things that we are grateful for at Orbis.

1. Corporate

Your boss is a significant part of your employment. Their recognition for you, support and encouragement can greatly shape your professional growth and development with your company. Our president and vice president, Russ and Clarence, are some of the best to work with and treat each employee like a member of their family.

2. Company Culture

Think about it – do you like where you spend your day? Are you employed at a place where it is a joy to come to work? Do you agree with your company’s values and feel like part of a team? At Orbis, we pride ourselves on fostering strong relationships and making efforts to strengthen morale. Our laidback work environment allows our employees to work as comfortably efficiently as possible.

3. Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

As your work lives blend into personal and vice versa, it is important to appreciate an overall balance. If you don’t have this right now, it can be difficult to juggle everything life brings your way: appointments, family, pets, and more. At Orbis, our employees are able to manage their own time to ensure the schedule that best fits their needs, while still ensuring they work their full agreement. We have personally seen how this can improve employee attitudes, establish a mutual respect between employees and corporate, and alleviate a management burden.

4. Peers

When you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by smart, creative, passionate people, it makes a huge difference in how you view your job and the time you spend at the office. Establishing real relationships with your peers can create a sense of office comradery and make your eight hours more enjoyable; not to mention the possibility of those friendships continuing long after your time at work.

While our list could be much longer, we don’t want to bore you with how much we love our time at work. Even though this time of year brings attention to what we should appreciate in our lives, we are thankful for Orbis throughout the entire year.

If you aren’t thankful for your current role, consider making a change. Be sure to regularly check our available opportunities on our Careers page.