Development & Integration

Custom Applications and System/Web Integration

Our GIS software development services are designed to help our clients streamline and facilitate their GIS processes by providing applications based on their specific needs and requirements, regardless of complexity.

Custom Web and Mobile Applications

Orbis is committed to helping enterprises build sophisticated business applications that are robust, scalable and expandable. Experience has taught us that while many systems are similar, no two are identical. We make it a point to understand your unique budget, timelines, constraints and business needs so we can create the most appropriate and productive Software as a Service (SaaS) application — one that helps you improve internal efficiency and productivity.

How Orbis Adds Value to Your Organization

We help timberland holding companies maximize their timberland portfolio value by integrating technology-based solutions that reduce error, increase efficiency, streamline operations, eliminate duplicate data and effort, and capture and organize information into secure and searchable formats.

We recommend that forestry investment managers embrace these three technology-based strategies:

  1. Improve Transactional Value. This means performing due diligence by collecting, organizing and confirming data from as many sources as possible. Our Land Investment Technical Analysis Service (LITAS℠) solution is ideal for this and should be integrated into your land purchase and sales deals.
  2. Automate Record-keeping. Orbis’ cloud-based Atlas Land Records service helps you increase data reliability and accessibility, information accountability and security. Automation results in an improvement in data integrity, a reduction of information overload and the elimination of displaced records.
  3. Simplify Tracking and Reporting. Our technology-based solutions and software applications provide a convenient, secure, cloud-based operation to help you improve efficiency and administration by reducing error-prone manual processes and their related labor hours and costs.

Orbis offers innovative, technology-based solutions to reduce your tax, accounting and land record errors. Making your data more reliable, secure and searchable helps you make smarter business decisions, which can ultimately help you increase profits. If you aren’t currently leveraging available technology, now is the time to start!

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