Land Investment Technical Analysis Service

Empower Your Due Diligence Process with LITAS℠

Large, multi-parcel timberland, farmland, right-of-way and land management clients require technical due diligence to be performed prior to a land purchase. The LITAS process is an integrated part of these transactions, especially as support for title insurance applications.

What Is Our LITAS℠?

Our Land Investment Technical Analysis Service (LITAS) helps buyers, sellers and investors during large transactions by offering an in-depth understanding and visual confirmation of what exactly is being bought, sold or financed. By helping manage and analyze the land transaction, our LITAS offers the due diligence that fulfills the fiduciary responsibility that comes with being involved in a timberland land deal.

Goals with LITAS

Our overall goal is to provide error-free (clean) documentation and information to our clients and to speed the closing process. We achieve this with:

  • 95 percent reduction in mapping error between legal and GIS
  • 90 percent immediate decrease in data duplication, errors and delays
  • 99 percent data incorporation into land records systems

Benefits of LITAS

Policy Adherence
LITAS supports the strict adherence that title insurance companies require of the company and industry policies including “same as map” endorsement by reflecting exactly what the client has acquired and for which an insurance certificate is issued.

Proven Success
LITAS has been recommended and approved as one of the most comprehensive land acquisition tools in the timberland industry.

Secure Organization
The end product provides a GIS perspective and is shared through a secure, password-protected, cloud-based application.

How Orbis LITAS Adds Value to Your Organization

  • Transaction Benefits
    • Discovers land discrepancies more quickly
    • Lowers risk through an upgrade approach
  • Staff Benefits
    • Keeps in-house resources focused on strategic tasks
    • Leverages access and availability of land record documentation
  • Financial Benefits
    • Reduces disposition costs
    • Helps achieve maximum ROI

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