Without Orbis,
It’s Just Another Acre

Orbis helps asset managers and investors simplify the process of acquiring and managing large land holdings. From pre-sale due diligence and data management to property taxes and hunting leases, we streamline every step of land and natural resource management. All to help you fix time consuming processes, make smarter decisions and maximize the value of land assets.

for Land Asset

Serious land and natural resource investing is hard work. Building custom solutions for it requires critical experience managing and extracting value from assets that change constantly and are sometimes quite literally off the grid. Orbis helps you do this in a technology-enabled, trackable way. So, in the end, what you think you’re buying, selling or holding matches what’s really there.

I can only say positive things when it comes to working with Orbis. Their integrity, in line with their customer-focused attitude, allows me and The Forestland Group the peace of mind knowing our data is in the best hands.

Mike Hincher, Senior VP, The Forestland Group, LLC

You Need
to Make Assets
Work Harder

Orbis tackles land and natural resource management and investing end-to-end. Our solutions are designed to help you make better sense of your assets, and better use of everything involved in managing them. Big data. Due diligence for land sale transactions. Recreational licenses and access permits. Inventory. Land records for access and legal review. Property taxes. And so much more.