eCommerce Platform

Say ‘goodbye’ to complicated payment systems and discover ONE platform that helps create efficiencies and reporting that are vital to your business.

Simplify Payments

Increase investment profitability with an ecommerce platform that facilitates payment between landowners and land users. Process payments without the headaches and confusion of multiple systems.

ONEConnect helps you streamline payments through an ecommerce system supported by Orbis’ infrastructure, staffing and expertise so you can get more out of your land assets.

Streamline Online Transactions

Most ecommerce platforms lack a centralized manager to coordinate payment gateways, processors, merchant accounts and business accounts. And many of these components are incompatible with each other.

ONEConnect consolidates everything into ONE, easy-to-use system. This streamlines transactions between landowners and land users and makes it easier to manage your properties.

Protect Your Bottom Line

When you process payments through ONEConnect, you don’t have to worry about unpredictable costs and mountains of fees, all of which cut into your profitability. You get ONE, all-inclusive, flat rate fee. There’s no membership or limits. All processing costs are included. This makes expenses predictable and better for your bottom line.

Let’s Work Together

Streamline payment processing with ONEConnect, an e-commerce platform that simplifies transactions. Request more information or book a consultation with us today.