Land Sale Transaction Due Diligence

Total Visibility Into Your Land Sale Transactions

Knowing the exact boundaries and assets in a land sale transaction is a critical step in the due diligence checklist for timberland and farmland investors. Traditional methods can be slow and fail to provide an accurate account of what is really on a given property. A smarter solution is to leverage modern land investment due diligence software.

Orbis combines rigorous legal review with GIS-based mapping to provide a faster, more accurate due diligence solution for land investment. Unlock a visual and digital display of your assets– condensing and eliminating outdated paper trails. This helps you reduce land sale process errors up to 95%, speed up closing and avoid expensive, last-minute surprises.

Our Land Investment Technical Analysis Service (LITAS) saves you valuable time on your project while protecting you from potential conflicts and inconsistencies between the land asset you think you’re buying and its legal description.

Level-Up Your Due Diligence

Get Customized, In-Depth Reporting with LITAS Boost.

Orbis is trustworthy, reliable and well-respected in the industry. That’s why I use LITAS to help streamline the disposition process. The end result is a high-quality product that has been extremely helpful both during and after closing.

Sarah Hall, Forest Investment Associates, Manager of Dispositions

Get the Assets
You Pay For

If you’re investing time and resources into a land transaction, you should know precisely what you’re getting. Our land transaction due diligence gives buyers, sellers and investors visual confirmation of what they’re buying, selling or financing. This fulfills fiduciary responsibility and improves timberland and agricultural land deals.

We consider review of the legal descriptions to be a vital part of the title review process. The LITAS system and Orbis team have proven to be capable and efficient partners for mapping and verifying legal descriptions under a limited time frame. The process often reveals errors and issues, both small and large, that should be considered prior to closing and that we simply could not uncover and address without using LITAS.

Tom Morrow, Lyme Timber, Managing Director

Get More Out of the Deal

Orbis provides services for both large, ongoing GIS analysis projects and point-in-time solutions for when data must be captured in a single instant or snapshot.

  • Consolidate records, deeds and property maps in one place
  • Improve compliance with title insurance
  • Free staff up from rote verification work
  • Data interpretation and integration
  • Application development
  • CAD data conversions

Let’s Work Together

Orbis offers LITAS and LITAS Boost to help you maximize passive revenue and ROI from timberland investments. Request more information or book a consultation with us today.