Recreational License Management

Maximize investment profitability and reduce administrative work with our secure, cloud-based system, RLMS.

Streamline Your Recreational Leasing

Leasing your timberland assets to recreational land users is a great way to increase the profitability of your investments. But administering hundreds of leases and documents can be unmanageable without the right system in place.

Orbis RLMS is a cloud-based system that connects landowners and land users. Our infrastructure, staffing and expertise help you increase leasing revenue, decrease administrative work and get more out of your land assets.

“Soterra’s partnership with Orbis and use of RLMS has increased the efficiency of our field personnel as well as improved our communication and response to our valued lease holding customers.”

Andy Callahan, Manager of Sales and Service, Soterra, LLC

Get More Out of Your Land Assets

Orbis helps asset managers and land owners manage the revenue stream derived from recreational leasing. This makes it easier to administer more licenses, so you can generate more revenue each season. It also cuts down on administrative and accounting time, reducing operational expenses. The result is a better, more efficient workflow that generates greater profits on land investments.

Lease Your Assets Without the Hassle

With RLMS, you don’t have to worry about sifting through a mountain of paperwork in preparation for each season. In addition to our cloud platform, Orbis provides a wide array of in-house administrative services, including:

  • Setting up all licenses
  • Marketing available properties
  • Tracking and processing all agreements
  • Generating and mailing letters
  • Collecting license revenue
  • Notifying clubs of land sales/timber harvests
  • Updating GIS layers
  • Providing email and phone support

Let’s Work Together

Orbis RLMS can help you maximize ROI from land investments without the administrative burden. Request more information or book a consultation today.