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Orbis Cares: The Bulb Gallery Farm

Orbis is proud to support The Bulb's mission of curing food insecurity in the Charlotte community.

The Timberland Investment Community Labor Market: Recent Changes and What’s to Come

As economic and societal landscapes continue to shift and change, it’s important to adjust and prepare for the demands of the market. For those looking to enter the timberland investment industry, this means stacking your portfolio with up-to-date skillsets, staying on top of technology trends and bringing fresh perspectives to the table. For industry veterans, this means being open to, and embracing change.

Orbis Cares Aims to Support Communities Through Giving

A special note from Orbis, Inc. cofounders, Russ Combs and Clarence Neese

Orbis Cofounder & VP Clarence Neese Joins the UGA Forest Business Advisory Board

Orbis announces the appointment of Clarence Neese to the UGA’s Harley Langdale, Jr. Center for Forest Business Advisory Board.

4 Reasons Timberland Is A Smart Investment for 2023

Timberland may sometimes be overlooked as an investment opportunity because stakeholders don’t realize its benefits. In this blog, we examine timberland as an investment and why it’s worth a second glance.

GIS Consultant
4 Vital Reasons You Need a GIS Consultant

A geographic information system (GIS) helps to analyze and display spatial data. But using a GIS can be costly and time-consuming on your own. In this blog, we look at four ways a GIS consultant can make your life easier.

Survey Retracement
The History of Land Surveying & Retracement in the United States

Land surveying played an essential role in the boundary development of the United States. Today, survey retracement re-establishes these boundaries in a digital format – and in a timely and cost-effective way for timberland investors. Let’s explore the history and evolution of land surveying and retracement.

How the Blue Economy Impacts the Timberland Investment Community

The blue economy plays an integral role in our lives, but many people and companies are unaware of the opportunities it presents. In this blog, we look at what the blue economy is and how it impacts the timberland investment community.

Recreational License Management
4 Tips for Successful Recreational License Management

Recreational license management is helpful to landowners who lease out their properties, but keeping track of large volumes of users, licenses, and the acres involved can sometimes be difficult. Here are four tips for success.

Diversification Recreational Land Leasing
Diversification in Recreational Land Leasing: 3 Helpful Facts

The diversification of recreational land leasing can assist land managers and owners in areas such as reducing trespassing, boosting profitability, and conserving land for the benefit of people and wildlife.

5 Don’ts for Product Development
5 Don’ts for Product Development

There are plenty of TO-DO lists out there for product development. It’s just as important to consider the DON’Ts.

Spatial Data Integration
5 Benefits of Spatial Data Integration for Timberland Investors

Timberland investors place their bets on an inventory of assets that are often widely distributed and challenging to track. Fortunately, technological advances have made the management of these assets simpler and more accurate. In this blog, we identify the different forms of spatial data and look at five benefits of spatial data integration for timberland investors.

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