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Why Renewing Recreational Leases Is More Than Just Signing a Piece of Paper

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The majority of land in the United States is privately owned, often resulting in limited access to recreational land use. Some landowners opt to lease their land to individuals or organizations, granting permission for specific recreational activities for a defined period. These leases or permits generally allow for a range of activities such as hunting, camping, timber harvesting, and planting among other ESG practices. To ensure uninterrupted access and to avoid trespassing, land users must make timely and secure payments on their leased land. Consequently, landowners must properly administer leases, documents, and payments. In this blog, we will explore the importance of renewing recreational leases as well as the effective management of leases.

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Continuity of Recreational Activities

The renewal of your recreational lease is crucial for maintaining seamless access to recreational activities. By renewing your lease, you safeguard your access to the designated land, ensuring the uninterrupted enjoyment of outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, and more. This renewal process provides peace of mind, allowing you to plan ahead and engage in your preferred activities without any interruptions or doubts.

ESG Practices

Leasing out land for ESG practices presents an opportunity to integrate leisure activities with environmental stewardship and sustainability objectives. This approach involves leveraging outdoor spaces to advance environmentally friendly practices, enhance social well-being, and adhere to good governance. Land users prioritize environmental considerations by focusing on conservation, restoration, and wildlife protection efforts. They adopt sustainable land management techniques and engage with stakeholders to ensure transparency and inclusivity in the land’s decision-making processes. Additionally, outdoor land can be used to educate visitors about environmental issues and encourage the preservation of natural resources. By embracing outdoor land use for ESG practices, both landowners and users can help to promote sustainability, cultivate a connection with nature, and strike a harmonious balance between recreational enjoyment and responsible environmental stewardship.

Effective Rec Lease Management

Managing recreational leases offers significant value for landowners leasing out their properties, but it can present challenges when dealing with a high volume of users, leases, and multiple properties. Tracking these details can become cumbersome for both landowners and land users. Because license and permit renewal seasons vary in duration and timing, effective communication with land users is essential for timely payment collection and providing up-to-date information on property access. Maintaining open lines of communication ensures that all parties remain informed and updated throughout the renewal process. That’s why the adoption of cloud-based recreational license management systems has become crucial in ensuring satisfaction for both landowners and users. These digital platforms replace traditional paper trails and enable land users to conveniently and securely make online payments while helping landowners streamline their investments. 


Recreational leasing is a great way for landowners to maximize asset and property investments and for land users to lease land that is tailored to their specific needs. With proper recreational lease management, land users are guaranteed uninterrupted access to their land while landowners ensure the profitability of their investments.

A Recreational License Management System (RLMS) provides landowners with easy access to the information they need along with a high level of security and access to a dedicated customer service team. All data remains safe in the cloud but is available to landowners and land users 24/7. That way, land users can enjoy their property, whether it’s for hunting, leisure, or ESG practices.

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