Earth embedded in green forest
Going Green: The Environmental Benefits of Forestry

When people think of forestry, they often associate it with vast stretches of land covered in trees. However, at its core, it’s about making the world a better place. This post highlights a few of the many environmental benefits of forestry.

Orbis Cares Aims to Support Communities Through Giving

A special note from Orbis, Inc. cofounders, Russ Combs and Clarence Neese

Orbis Inc. to host Campfire Sessions webinar on ESG

Hear from sustainability leaders who are navigating the landscape of environmental social governance (ESG) in the land asset management and natural resource industries. Steps that can be taken to adopt and adhere to ESG trends and policies will also be discussed.

Women Affecting Change in Forestry & Landownership

Kim Eubanks, Orbis Inc. GIS Project Manager, Speaks About Her Time at Land & Ladies Conference and The Voice of Women Landowners

Timberland Property Tax: 6 Things Asset Managers Need to Know

Managing timberland assets comes with a variety of property tax challenges. Here’s what you need to know.

Land Asset Management: 4 Areas Impacted From COVID-19

COVID-19 has transformed the way land asset managers do business. Here are the top biggest changes.

3 Ways Land Asset Managers Use eCommerce Platforms to Streamline Their Leasing Business

Land asset managers are adopting eCommerce platforms to streamline their business processes. Here are the top 3 reasons why.

Top 10 Benefits of Forestry

How forestry can help improve daily life functions

Cultural Week with the Orbis Team

While many across the country were celebrating Halloween this past week, the Orbis Spark Plugs (our superstar social committee) took our celebrations to the next level by planning and hosting an entire week of cultural activities.

Are Forests Considered Infrastructure?

How investing in sustainable forestry can lead to healthier forests and cleaner water

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Going Digital in Forestry

Are foresters excluded from the digital transformation happening around them?

Shifting Thought to Digital

What is the digital transformation and how you can keep up

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