4 Reasons Timberland Is A Smart Investment for 2023

Timberland may sometimes be overlooked as an investment opportunity because stakeholders don’t realize its benefits. In this blog, we examine timberland as an investment and why it’s worth a second glance.

Survey Retracement
The History of Land Surveying & Retracement in the United States

Land surveying played an essential role in the boundary development of the United States. Today, survey retracement re-establishes these boundaries in a digital format – and in a timely and cost-effective way for timberland investors. Let’s explore the history and evolution of land surveying and retracement.

Land Purchase Due Diligence
Land Purchase Due Diligence Checklist: 4 Essential Steps to Any Land Transaction

Before you purchase large areas of land, it’s important to perform due diligence. In this blog, we look at the four essential steps that should be on your land purchase due diligence checklist.

3 Ways Land Asset Managers Use eCommerce Platforms to Streamline Their Leasing Business

Land asset managers are adopting eCommerce platforms to streamline their business processes. Here are the top 3 reasons why.

Enter a World of Clean Investment Records

Why you need to be an Atlas Land Records client

Do Due Diligence

The importance of due diligence in property management

Orbis’ Participation in the Recent 1.1 Million Acre Texas Timberland Transaction

Brought on as a pressure valve by Campbell Global, Orbis supported the disposition team over the last 607 days through utilization of our Land Investment Technical Analysis Service (LITAS).

Due Diligence Done Right

There’s no sense in risking the deal [timber transaction] with avoidable inefficiencies and inaccuracies. When you invest in clean, error-free documentation, you not only avoid unwanted surprises in advance of the transaction, you speed up the closing – and that is how you add value to the bottom line.

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