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Enter a World of Clean Investment Records

When managing timberland, data and legal documentation are your biggest assets. So, ensuring that you always have access to that information should be a priority. To avoid errors or duplicate records, which can lead to disputes, appeals and corrections, you have to maintain clean records. At Orbis, we want to ensure your due diligence and clean records through our Atlas Land Records service.

What is it?

Atlas Land Records is a record management system that is designed to organize and sort your data in an easily accessible format. This helps ensure your fiduciary accountability and diligence.

What’s it for?

At Orbis, a lot of our clients have land spread across the country, and it can be difficult for them to manage the thousands of management documents and hundreds of annual transactions taking place in multiple states. It can get even more challenging when realizing that each state has its own set of rules! Not only does Atlas put all of those management documents and transactions in one place, but it also simplifies those state-specific rules into an easy-to-understand language in the exact same location.

Why Atlas?

How many times have you been out in the field and needed to check data? Or wanted to share a report with someone at another location? How difficult has it been to organize everything you have to deal with?

Atlas removes all of those burdens in five stages.

1. First, we gather information and review it. This could be any type of documentation that is important to the property.

2. Next, we spatially construct the property based on the legal documentation provided. Our technicians understand the jargon on documents to create a visual representation of the land in question.

3. Our team then compares and analyzes the land in question and the visualization created from the legal documents for congruence.

4. Finally, we take all of the information and data we have collected and put it on one cloud-based application. Since it is on the cloud, you can access it from anywhere that you have an internet connection. You can open your Atlas portal from the woods, from your home, even from your office. What’s even better, though, is that others have that same privilege. You can set permissions that allow people working at your other properties to open and view the same records that you are able to see, so there is no more confusion or struggling to share a report.

Preserving value

Once you choose Atlas, you are already preserving and adding value to your properties. You can:

1. interact with your data in a way that you’ve never been able to before

2. search by functions of each property, like which county it is in or the name of a document that is associated with it

3. interact with the map that our team built

4. toggle between a visual spatial view and document viewer

5. print and change the appearance of the map on the GIS toolbar

Choosing Atlas

Once you choose to benefit from Atlas, we are with you every step of the way. This service includes continuously updating your records to ensure that you are always responsible and diligent and to maintain the value that was added to your property.

Choosing Atlas gives you the opportunity to outsource the administrative burden, manage your documents, manage your land records, access all of your documentation, control data per property and view your data in a way that is most convenient for your needs.

It’s never too late

Should you or your company be interested in taking advantage of Orbis’ Atlas service, please do not hesitate to reach out in our Contact Us form.

Let’s Work Together

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