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3 Ways Land Asset Managers Use eCommerce Platforms to Streamline Their Leasing Business

Land asset managers are adopting eCommerce platforms to streamline their business processes. Here are the top 3 reasons why.

The Battle of ‘What’ and ‘How’

In the world of product architecture and design, lines can sometimes get crossed between what a product should do and how it should be architected.

New Branding, Website and Services Mark the Milestone

To celebrate two decades of innovation, Orbis has evolved its brand with a new logo and website.

Celebrating 20 Years at the Forefront of Technology & Innovation

2020 marks Orbis’ 20th anniversary! To celebrate our growth over the last two decades, co-founders Russell Combs, Jr. and Clarence Neese, Jr. are reflecting on the history of Orbis and what the future holds.

Cloud Technology: Private vs Public

Understanding the difference to ensure data protection

Enter a World of Clean Investment Records

Why you need to be an Atlas Land Records client

Top 10 Benefits of Forestry

How forestry can help improve daily life functions

Cultural Week with the Orbis Team

While many across the country were celebrating Halloween this past week, the Orbis Spark Plugs (our superstar social committee) took our celebrations to the next level by planning and hosting an entire week of cultural activities.

Evolution of Land Surveillance

The past, present and future ways of land mapping

There is More to Timber Than Cutting

Why the forestry industry focuses on more than cutting down trees

Wildlife Without Conflict

How Jane Goodall is changing wildlife research with GIS technology

Are Forests Considered Infrastructure?

How investing in sustainable forestry can lead to healthier forests and cleaner water

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