Clarence Neese, Jr.

Co-Founder & Vice President

As Founder and Vice President, Clarence works as the principal consultant for Orbis. He manages Orbis’ business development and marketing efforts for the geospatial, natural resource and utility industries. With 20 plus years of leadership and GIS experience, Clarence is well-versed in building multi-layered partnerships with various organizations to accomplish common goals.

Working with both national and international clientele, Clarence manages daily leadership operations for the team. This includes planning, policy development, workflow prioritization, project management and oversight of complex business processes and management challenges.

“We started this business to help people and all these years later, we’ve got a portfolio of services that really make a difference in how the industry operates,” said Clarence. “We’re here to keep innovating and helping for as long as we can.”

Being a D.C. native, Clarence acquired a Master’s in Forestry from West Virginia University. Prior to this, he received his B.S. in Resource Management with a minor in GIS and Remote Sensing from George Mason University.

One of Clarence’s favorite pastimes has always been working alongside his father to build birdhouses as gifts for their friends. He now continues the tradition by working together with his two sons.

To contact Clarence, please email him at [email protected].

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