Property Tax Management

Fulfill Your Fiduciary Responsibility with Accurate Accountability

Orbis’ administrative experience and expertise help clients reduce the burden of property tax record-keeping, payment and management with a revolutionary full-service solution for organizing, tracking and reporting property taxes.

Property Tax Management Is Complex

Property taxes touch every acre of your land, every year. Currently, 3,000+ counties in the U.S. use GIS property tax assessment systems, and each county is different and may have multiple property tax jurisdictions for school districts, fire protection, etc. Let’s say you have thousands of acres of land; that means you might have to keep track of hundreds of payment due dates, rules and regulations.

How will you track and manage all the deadlines, ever-changing tax programs and additional tax burdens while at the same time minimizing errors, creating and maintaining a property tax history for each asset, and optimizing resource allocation? It’s not easy, and mismanagement can result in late payments and fines.

Our GIS-Based Property Tax Information System Solution

To relieve the burdensome administrative task of managing property taxes, Orbis offers a solution that ensures that each property tax bill is paid on time and is also accounted for from a legal standpoint.

The goals of our full-service solution are to:

Shift the Burden of Tracking and Reporting
Alleviate your burden by letting Orbis become your property tax administrator. We will handle all aspects of your property tax payment and management, including importing tax bills, notifying accounts payable and reconciling records.

Ensure Compliance and Continuity
We leverage high-speed scanning and other technologies to automate the time-consuming, labor-intensive process of importing and managing timberland property tax bills, while minimizing errors and maximizing accuracy.

Create Real-Time, Application-Based Access
Orbis can manage thousands of property tax jurisdictions and due dates, identifying inconsistencies and reconciling incongruences so that all your property tax data is contained in a secure and centralized database. The most pertinent information is made available conveniently and securely via our Property Tax Viewer.

Centric Focus Optimizes the Client Experience

Orbis transforms cloud infrastructure into cloud data services, making information available to clients in a mobile format for tracking and analyzing. Clients benefit from fast data backup and recovery, local file service and internal collaboration — all from one storage location. Having your tax data in a centralized repository with a streamlined process allows for improved management and internal analysis of your tax rates across your ownership.

Benefits of Our Property Tax Management Service

  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Document management
  • Efficient tracking and managing of all property tax assets
  • Ability to view scanned bills
  • Controlled data access (by property)
  • Easy access to comprehensive reports
  • Tabular and spatial viewing options

How Orbis Adds Value to Your Organization

By reducing the manual effort of data input and report-building, our property tax solution drives insight and analytics. The user-centric, cloud-based Property Tax Viewer software, where clients’ data is stored, offers you rapid insight for improved decision-making throughout the land investment life cycle. With secure access to accurate, real-time data and reports, users are empowered to make better business decisions.

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