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#1 Unexpected Source of Cash Flow

If you’re looking for a quick-fix to a cash flow problem, best wishes, good luck, and have-at-it. If you’re looking for a strategic approach to improving cash flow, however, this is the place to start.

When it comes to timberland investment assets, one of the best and most unexpected sources for cash flow may surprise you.


Because it’s likely to be right in front of you.

Oh, don’t feel badly if you’ve overlooked the obvious. In the forestry industry, it’s absolutely common and perfectly normal to become so involved in the day-to-day management of the property assets (and rightly so!), that sometimes you simply can’t see the forest through the trees.

If, however, you’re not taking advantage of the revenue that’s inherent within your timberland assets, you could be missing an incredible opportunity to generate additional revenue and working capital.

What It Is

What is this unexpected source of cash flow?

Here’s a hint … It’s something you have (land) that outdoor enthusiasts want (recreational enjoyment).

And how you team up to benefit both of you is what will generate that unexpected source of cash flow: Recreational licensing.

How It Works

Lying within the millions of acres of timberland assets all across this country are hundreds of thousands of acres of high-quality, habitat- and mineral-rich forest land just waiting to be enjoyed.

From white-tailed deer to wild turkey, to feral hogs, your timberland properties are home to all kinds of wildlife; which means you can license small plots of land, thousand-acre (or more!) tracts to individuals, families, groups and formal hunt clubs for hunting, fishing, photography, and hiking.

How to Make It Work BETTER

The concept is simple. You have idle land and you lease it to outdoor enthusiasts and hunt clubs for their recreational enjoyment.

What’s not so simple is the administrative management of it. Here are just a few of the many considerations:

  • Which land will you lease and how will you define its acres and boundaries?
  • What’s in your lease agreement?
  • How will lessees pay the license fee, and how will you collect?
  • How will you track and follow up on payments and non-payments?
  • What will you do about customer calls, complaints, issues, refunds, and lease renewals?

Lots of questions, but Orbis has answers.

As a Software as a Service (Saas) pioneer in the forestry industry, we’ve invested in the infrastructure, staffing, and expertise needed to implement and maintain a successful recreational licensing operation so you don’t have to.

Our proprietary system, called RLMS or Recreational License Management System, is a secure, cloud-based system that supports your recreational licensing operation so you can generate profit without hassle. (As with all our other services, we offer a corporate-tailored solution based on you and your needs.)

Orbis’ RLMS can help you develop a continuous operation that adds a viable revenue stream while also promoting stewardship of valuable timberland property.

10 Dos of Recreation Licensing Operations

  1. DO centralize your lease data, including lease agreements, in one convenient location.
  2. DO increase operational efficiencies with the powerful reporting capabilities of RLMS.
  3. DO enhance hunt club communication with targeted emails and text messages.
  4. DO benefit from the power of a private virtual workspace that lets you access all your recreational lease data with a simple website login –no hardware or software required.
  5. DO save money and deliver faster, better customer support with a dedicated and managed help/service desk.
  6. DO get an improved illustration of available leasing areas from dynamic mapping capabilities.
  7. DO shift the burden of your administration processes with help from an expert provider.
  8. DO benefit and profit from automatic software updates.
  9. DO enhance the overall user experience.
  10. DO leverage online marketing opportunities for your available properties.

And one more “DO” …

DO ask your questions and post your thoughts in the comments. We welcome your ideas.

Let’s Work Together

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