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4 Ways to Use GIS to Make Better Decisions

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Helping You Make Better Decisions

Dealing with high volumes of data can be overwhelming, which is why you need our expertise. Because Orbis understands how the environmental, social, geotechnical and contamination considerations relate to each other, we provide the right data interpretations, so you can make informed decisions about your project.

GIS impacts decision-making for the better in the following ways:

Centralized Information

Capturing, storing and displaying all kinds of critical data on a single map allows the relevant data to be more readily seen, analyzed and understood by key stakeholders.

Data Comparison

When data is collected at a particular site using a location referenced system, it can be easily compared with other information to determine relevance and priority.

Predictive Analytics

The integration of aerial photographs, tabular data and digital satellite data can be used to calculate risk, make projections and forecasts, and manage inventory.

Dataset Relationships

By revealing patterns and visual connections among data, GIS helps users understand correlations and causations, leading to strategies that bring about desired outcomes.

Choose Orbis for Your GIS Services

Since our beginning in 2000, Orbis has been developing and implementing geospatial technology services to provide our clients with organized, relevant and all-encompassing solutions. Our subject-matter experts pride themselves on crafting unique solutions tailored to your business requirements.

Whether you need expert advice on how to develop a GIS system or technical support with an existing GIS system, our services are structured to support any need your company may have. With a team of qualified GIS Professionals, Microsoft Certified Professionals and Land Surveyors, we are committed to finding your right solution.

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