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Off the Beaten Path

Technology has helped us navigate driving roads for years; most of us probably use it on a daily basis to get to locations we are not familiar with or find routes with less traffic. But what if we want to travel off the beaten path? What if we want to adventure into the great outdoors?

More often than not, a GPS will not work in the woods. Without the technology that we have become so dependent on, how are we supposed to plan our outdoor adventures?

The Solution

To plan a successful route, you will need maps, but to get maps of the untraveled land, you need the help of technology. Land managers and surveyors have used the technology of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to help map and monitor their land for years, so why shouldn’t that technology be used for other outdoor purposes?

GIS technology is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present all types of geographic data. Capitalizing the power of GIS technology first requires that you have access to the coordinates of the land that you are wanting to map. Once a map has been created with those coordinates, you will be able to see a vectored digital map of the land in question; these maps can be used to show you where things are, including trails, water sources and roads.

While some outdoor enthusiasts might try to tackle this project on their own, few of them actually have the software and knowledge to accomplish the task. At Orbis, our team of GIS technicians have the expertise needed to construct and navigate a GIS map. Our clients understand the importance of monitoring their land and the people they allow on it. Combining both of these solutions gives us the opportunity to track our client’s land, while also establishing precedents essential to the safety of the land visitors.

Navigating Nowhere

A map that has been created using GIS technology is not useful to an outdoor enthusiast unless they can access it when and where they need it. At Orbis, clients who take advantage of our Recreational License Management System (RLMS) services for permit properties can utilize a geoPDF function. This gives them the ability to create a map of a select portion of mapped land, but this is not like any other PDF. Once created, you can save the PDF to your phone or another device so you have it with you on the trails. Since it is location-based, your location is monitored, allowing you to see exactly where you are on the property and where you want to go.

Many of our clients have taken advantage of the geoPDF function that we offer and have even taken additional steps to increase safety measures on their property. Our RLMS services also allow our clients to grant a specific number of licenses to those interested in using their land for recreational activities like hiking, hunting and camping. Licensees are given an identification card to show their permission to use the property and are usually required to have the card with them whenever they are on the property. This functions as an additional safety precaution and allows landowners to see who is really using the land.

Our RLMS clients are also able to communicate with licensees through mass distribution of text messages. This type of communication could be used to inform land visitors of inclement weather, forest fires, warnings and other communication that the landowners wants to share quickly.

The solutions we present to our clients in the natural resource industry gives them the opportunity to share their land investment with lovers of recreation, while also ensuring protection for the land and those on it.

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