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Empower Your Program by Switching Your Data Management Strategy

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We know data is valuable. It must be. Governments pay hackers millions of dollars to get it. Five of the top six companies in the world by market valuation are data companies. Storing information and managing its storage is critical to a company’s behind-the-scenes success.

Understanding this value, why do we continue to store our data in a miss-mash form of methods across multiple platforms and sometimes even states/countries?

Change. We become so comfortable with our methods and processes currently in place, that we forget to recognize how quickly the world is evolving around us. The concept of change frightens the majority.

In fact, as we work with clients, fear of change comes up constantly – a simple but profound and often paralyzing fear of moving forward into the unknown. Even when companies know that they need to do something different and that staying the same will come at a great business/data cost, the barrier of fear seems impassable.

However, with change, we are able to move forward. Utilizing the power of cloud technology and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, we (Orbis, Inc) help leverage data and organization strategy indispensable for operational excellence using our data/land management platforms.

Data Management Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of using a database management system to handle the storage and retrieval of information in your database. Proper database management systems help increase organizational accessibility to data, which in turn helps the end users share the data quickly and effectively across the organization.

A management system helps get quick solutions to database queries, thus making data access faster and more accurate. End-users like foresters or analysts will have enhanced access to the data, enabling sounder decision making.

Effective Data Integration

Implementing a data management system promotes an integrated picture of an organization’s operations. It becomes easy to see how processes in one segment of the organization affect other segments.

Consistent Data That Complies with Regulations

Data inconsistency occurs when different versions of the same data exist in different places in an organization. By using a proper management system and data quality management tools, you can be sure that an all-encompassing view of your data is shared throughout your organization.

In addition, data management systems provide a better framework for the enforcement of data privacy and security policies. More effective management means better transparency and mitigated risk of breaching regulations

Increase in Productivity of The End User

Deploying a database management system, assuming positive end-user adoption, will always result in increased productivity for the users. Data management systems empower the end users to make quick and informed decisions that can contribute to the success or failure of an organization in the long run.

Quick Decision Making

With better data management systems and procedures comes higher quality information.

A database management system helps in providing a framework to facilitate data quality initiatives. In turn, higher quality information helps in making better, faster decisions in an organization.

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