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Orbis Admin Amplifies to Match License Renewals

With license renewal season in full swing again, our Recreational License Management System (RLMS) administrative team at Orbis is stacking more on their plate than any other time of the year. Each season, our team manages 16,000+ license renewals and 4,000+ permit agreements for clients that utilize our RLMS program.

The RLMS Program

Through this service, we alleviate the burden of processing payments, licensing paperwork and related administrative tasks from land managers. Additionally, we create a digital system of record and live program updates for the client through easy to view dashboards and personal admin logins.

Our RLMS program not only provides communication, analysis and reporting benefits for our clients, but furthermore enhances the experience of the direct user (licensee) as the renewal process, in its entirety, is transferred online. Through use of the RLMS digital platform, clients provide the licensee the ability to create and accept their own contract through a step by step wizard. With new features and means of communication such as text messaging notifications, right of entry permits, and e-waivers, our program and offerings for clients continues to grow.

Peak Renewal Season

Each year, to prepare for the high peak season, we bring on seasonal staff to support our recreational activities. Between the thousands of emails, phone calls, and certified checks we receive in-house, the extra hands are an appreciated addition by our full-time team. “Whether they have been with us for a year or a week, we are grateful for the additional support,” said Melissa Dodd, Orbis RLMS program manager.

From the time the license renewal season begins at the end of April to when it winds down near the end of August, our team continues to work endlessly to ensure our clients and their customers have the most seamless renewal experience possible. In our call center department, our team is trained to assist a variety of clients and their customers with any questions that might arise.  Client specific phone numbers provide a personalized interaction between our phone line support team and licensees. Last year alone, we received over 18,000 phone calls which our highly trained support staff enjoyed the opportunity to successfully support.


As this is one of our busiest times of the year, we are always thankful for the opportunity to be a supporting partner for our recreational clients. We especially want to extend our gratitude for our multiple clients who sent care packages at the start of the season! What an honor it is to receive these surprises in the mail.

2020 Season

Should you or your company be interested in joining Orbis’ 2020 RLMS program, please do not hesitate to reach out in our Contact Us form. We are always looking forward to hearing from you!

We are so thankful for our wonderful and thoughtful clients! This year, our administrative team received a care package at the beginning of the peak season to help make this time a little sweeter.

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