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How Cloud Technology Has Revolutionized Forestry

Do you remember the days before technology was at our fingertips? When you actually had to be sitting at a desk to use a computer?

With technology continuously advancing and people becoming practically glued to their devices, there has become a need for unlimited storage space. External hard drives and USB sticks served this purpose for a time but having to remember where they were placed became too much for some individuals. Cloud technology solved this issue.

What is cloud technology?

But what is cloud computing? How does it work? The term “cloud” when talking about technology or computing, is not new. In simple terms, ‘cloud’ is a metaphor for the Internet. It offers a way to store data and programs online instead of on your desktop or an external hard drive. There is also no longer a need for large upfront investments in hardware or spending a lot of time on the heavy lifting of managing that software. With cloud technology, not only is your storage space limitless, but you can access your data practically anywhere.

Not only has this way of storing data been helpful for the everyday individual, it has reformed the way the workforce operates. Companies have a way for their entire network to access shared programs or files and collaborate in real time from different locations.

Cloud Technology in Forestry

Foresters and land managers are liable for the upkeep and management of all operational data. It is their fiduciary responsibility to know every detail from the volume level per tract to who maintains a recreational license to use their property. With so many different types of data being collected, the task of storing and maintaining this information is nearly impossible without a technological aid.

Using cloud technology, Orbis and companies like our team are revolutionizing the way that foresters manage this information.

Orbis offers a variety of cloud-based GIS solutions to clients in the natural resource industry. Some of our most popular solutions include our Recreational Licence Management System (RLMS), the Forest Information Portal (FIP) and Atlas Land Records (Atlas), all of which utilize cloud technology to securely store our client’s data  for continuous access, regardless of how small or large current land assets under management are.

By providing our forestry clients with cloud-based software, we are able to help them manage their assets on a cohesive platform, managing items such as inventory, budget, reports and property taxes.

The technology that Orbis has introduced utilizing the cloud has decreased stress and increased productivity of forest managers. It has given them the opportunity to physically be in the forest and still able to access their data.

The Possibilities are Endless

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