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Going Digital in Forestry

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As our world has become more digitally dependent, technology has become one of the most fundamental things in today’s workplace. No matter who or what you are working with, you have to be able to integrate technology to do well in the marketplace. Failure to compete on this level makes it easy for you to fall behind.

At Orbis, many of our clients are part of the timberland industry, and we have seen firsthand how there is still fear in letting go of traditional business practices. Many companies in the forestry industry stay convinced that they can steer clear of digital advancements. However, as technology continues to change our daily lives, more and more of them are realizing that they simply cannot afford to sit back any longer.

The Benefits

There is an endless flow of reasons why companies in the timberland industry would internally benefit from digital elements, some of which include:

Ability to store and share data online

When managing large amounts of timberland, being able to easily store and share your data is crucial. At Orbis, we understand that your management teams can be spread across different locations. Thus, sharing sensitive data can be a frightening game. Not to mention that data can be lost through the numerous transactions that come with sharing files. This is why our services utilize premier cloud technology. By saving your data on the cloud, you are able to easily share and access files across your organization. At the same time, we monitor its safety through use of our protected servers. We house our servers in a data center which meets SAS70 Type II and SSAE 16 regulatory compliance. Additionally, our security management policies and procedures provide additional security equally to the safety and security of your technical, commercial and personal information.

Performance enhancing software

Whether you manage hundreds or millions of acres of timberland, we understand how difficult it can be to keep organized records of your forest data. This is why we created our Forest Information Portal (FIP). FIP is a cloud-based, forest inventory management system. It offers users an accessible, centralized repository for their data and can help with managing forests, planning daily harvesting operations and generating reports. Through the different modules offered for FIP, you can tailor the application to fit your business needs to result in optimization and efficiency throughout your organization.

Recreational management assistance

Your timberland assets should do more than produce income, they are meant to be enjoyed! Many landowners use a system of licenses and permits to grant recreational activists exclusive access to their land. Licenses and permits usually cover hunting, fishing and campaign and rights to mineral and oil assets. To simplify this income-producing process for landowners, Orbis offers its Recreational License Management System (RLMS). Our platform is a secure, cloud-based system supporting licensing operations that allows you to generate profit minus the hassle. This service also comes with administrative assistance and a full-time support line.

Forestry is NOT Exempt

Many of us have already begun to accept technology in our personal lives. The positive implications of how it can affect workflows have already become evident. Thus, why should those of us in forestry remain exempt? If you are interested in introducing industry-changing technology to your company, please do not hesitate to reach out in our Contact Us form. We are always looking forward to hearing from you!

Let’s Work Together

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