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Money Really Does Grow on Trees

Have you heard the saying that money doesn’t grows on trees? For foresters, that could not be farther from the truth. While dollar bills aren’t literally sprouting from the forest, the trees themselves are valuable. By practicing conservancy and capitalizing on the land they own, managers can increase the return on investment for each acre owned.


For many years, civilizations depended on timber as their primary source of energy. This leads to unsustainable practices that cause the price of timber to skyrocket. Since the discovery of fossil fuels, most civilizations no longer depend on wood to fuel their lives. However, wood still plays a large role in the economy for building houses, furniture and an assortment of paper and pulp products. As an everyday contribution to essential products, foresters see timberland as the planet’s lungs. While others may view trees as taking up large amounts of land.

Practicing Good Stewardship

In order to take full advantage of all the land has to offer, timberland owners practice good stewardship. Good stewardship is conscientious and responsible management of the land in one’s possession. Landowners can practice good stewardship by making sustainable choices such as

  • harvesting the timber on their land;
  • replenishing the timber harvested;
  • allowing community members to enjoy the land;
  • maintaining their real estate due diligence; and
  • responsibly utilizing and exporting the timber, oils and minerals that the land has to offer.

At Orbis, we understand the value in timberland and being good stewards to the property. We also know that managing the due diligence and licensing processes can be difficult for landowners with such large assets. To help alleviate some of the management burdens, we offer an array of services throughout the different phases of the timberland investment’s lifecycle. (You can read more about this in our Timberland Investment Lifecycle post.)

Our Services

For those looking to purchase timberland, we offer our Land Investment Technical Analysis Service, also known as LITAS. This due diligence services provides an opportunity to confirm legal ownership boundaries before buying a property. We do this by conducting an analysis of the legal documents associated with the property and creating maps of the property using GIS technology. Once land is acquired, clients who transfer this data to our Atlas Land Records service can continue to maintain their due diligence by updating the legal documents associated with the property.

Our Recreational License Management System (RLMS) is one of our most popular services once land is acquired. The program aids landowners who want to provide the local community an opportunity to enjoy their property. This service allows us to help landowners market and distribute the use of recreational licenses. This can include hunting, camping, food plots, minerals or oils, and more. Our clients can also profit from this licensing process by choosing to make licenses to their land available for a fee.

Growing from limb to limb

Even though money might not literally grow on trees, practicing good stewardship can lead to an increase in profit that might make it seem like it is! While practicing good stewardship requires more than maintaining your due diligence and licensing processes, our services and consulting expertise can help landowners start their journey right, further increasing the likelihood of profiting from their timberland investment.

Should you or your company be interested in taking advantage of one of our premier services, please do not hesitate to reach out in our Contact Us form. We are always looking forward to hearing from you!

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