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Shifting Thought to Digital

For those not born in the digital age, comprehending the rising shift towards digital is not always instinctive. When misunderstood or used incorrectly, technology can be a grievance. However, when used properly, it can drastically improve our daily functions. The majority inadvertently accept technology into their personal lives. This includes everything from the way we communicate to the way we travel. So, shouldn’t we allow it to improve the way we work, too?

At Orbis, we understand full immersion in digital elements is difficult to comprehend. Our experience with becoming digitally based through our practices and services offered yields more than we could have ever imagined.

The Digital Transformation

A common misconception regarding the evolution of technology is that it is only IT’s job to remain up-to-date. However, the digital transformation happening around us is far more diverse than many of us realize. This multi-faceted push for improvement challenges employees and their organizations to rethink their workflows, business strategies and existing company culture.

As technology advances, we must ask whether we are willing to adapt and innovate or become extinct to the digitally advanced population.

More Than Support

A common misconception about technology is that it will merely serve as a support function. Organizations that struggle to implement technological advances often fail to integrate technology throughout the entirety of their organizational practices. Technology is often times viewed as a crutch. However, it is, alternatively, a strategic competency that can increase efficiency and ease of accomplishing an organization’s overall aims.

Becoming fully immersed in the digital transformation is dependent on three internal stages: acceptance, comprehension and adoption.


is being willing to institute change. This means that you and the entirety of your team are aware of the possibilities. Furthermore, that you are open to making the changes necessary to make advancements a functioning possibility. Part of ensuring your team’s support and acceptance is ensuring their confidence in acting on these changes. This includes analyzing your human capital and understanding where their skills truly lie. Thereafter, supplemental education or internal reorganization might be necessary.


revolves around actually understanding the technology in discussion and how you can capitalize on it. Knowing the availability of various technology is helpful. However, it is not beneficial to use unless you know whether or not you can benefit from it. Especially, if it comes at a cost. The key to comprehending the benefits of technology is understanding how to integrate the old with the new. For example, our Forest Information Portal (FIP) helps foresters manage information necessary for successful forest management. FIP unites the best traditional practices and the newfound capabilities. Which further supports foresters to stay in the field, rather than in an office.


is the final phase of shifting to a digital mindset. Once you are able to accept and comprehend the capabilities of technology, it is time to make the switch! This phase is about implementing the changes you envisioned in your workflows and watching the positive payoff.

Turning ideas into action

Making the decision to evolve your digital usage can be intimidating. At Orbis, we have the experience and knowledge to help you make the best decisions for your organization’s future success. We understand that technology is always changing, therefore leaving the choice to follow the digital transformation a continuous process. Our technological experience and consulting background grant us the knowledge needed to help you make the best business decisions at any point in your company’s lifespan.

If you or your company are interested in advancing your digital footprint, please do not hesitate to reach out in our Contact Us form. We are always looking forward to hearing from you!

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