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Orbis, Inc., Advances Land Management Industry With Technology Systems Integration Services

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Orbis, Inc., a leading land asset technology company that helps simplify the acquisition and management of large land holdings, is extending its technology systems integration services that support land management professionals. Orbis leads the guidance of technical solutions for clients by integrating industry-leading partners and innovators like Esri into the solutions framework. In doing so, clients not only gain expertise in navigating complex, technical landscapes within the land management industry, but they also gain advisors that help in the transition and adoption of new software.

Land asset management typically requires unique sources of data and specialized analysis, and industry operations can benefit from customized, leading-edge asset management solutions for data display management, formatting and storage. Orbis’ technology integration services help forest and land management professionals assess, identify and implement the right technology solutions for their businesses.  With the proper solutions in place, managers can be more efficient in areas such as tracking timber inventory, growth and depletion; managing property taxes; managing carbon assets; complying with regulations; and optimizing workforce production.

This service model allows the industry to have software solutions that are fully integrated and compatible in providing standardized processes, data management operations, spatial data analytics and storage. Being cloud-based, the service model also allows for scalability and standardized processes. The software solutions are optimized for access from the office, in the field or while traveling.

“Orbis looked at the industry and found there was little cohesion in technology for land asset management solutions, and it is difficult to find components that work together,” said Clarence Neese, Jr., Co-Founder and Vice President, Orbis, Inc. “The process and task of navigating the technical side of our industry can be daunting and intimidating.  Our clients need solutions with cloud-based platforms that allow their software to talk to each other, as well as someone to help them mine the unique data environments, help transition them to the latest technologies and provide relief from years of technical debt.”

Orbis is already partnering with industry-leading partners like Forest2Market. Additionally, Orbis is leading a new collaboration with Esri and F4 Tech. Depending on the scope of a client’s project, the cloud-based service model may include software solutions from Orbis’ proprietary services, Esri’s advanced GIS and spatial analytics and F4 Tech’s inventory data software. By integrating with other industry-leading partners and adopting the next generation of technology, Orbis is making the investment and taking the initiative to create software roadmaps and solutions that remain ahead of ever-changing technology trends. “With this model, partners are given the opportunity to feel like they’re part of a technical alliance and community— part of something bigger than themselves,” said Neese. “While the industry is complex, managing asset data and analysis should not be. Orbis is committed to helping land asset managers by providing and guiding them to leading-edge solutions that align with future technological changes that ultimately set them up for success.”

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