Orbis, Inc. Adds Longtime Forestry Pro to Team

Brandon Craft joins Orbis, Inc. as product manager.

How Sustainable Forestry Practices Impact Wildlife

A Deep Dive Into Sustainable Forestry and the Impact on Wildlife

Key Learnings in Corporate Sustainability and Biodiversity

A Look Back at Orbis' Participation in the Verge and Bloom 2023 Conference

Connecting Birdwatchers to the Timberland Investment Community

Birdwatching presents an exciting opportunity to landowners with land to lease that cannot be used for other activities.

Father and son looking through binoculars
A Deep Dive into My Outdoor Agent®

Are you a landowner aiming to generate passive income from your privately-owned land or an adventure seeker in search of locations for your recreational pursuits? My Outdoor Agent® was created with you in mind.

Canoes by lake
Making the Most of Your Land for Lease

Whether you own a vast expanse of land or a smaller parcel, diversifying your recreational lease offerings can greatly enhance its appeal to a wide range of land users. Doing so can also increase profitability on your land investments.

fishing on campsite
Why Renewing Recreational Leases Is More Than Just Signing a Piece of Paper
Orbis Cares: The Bulb Gallery Farm

Orbis is proud to support The Bulb's mission of curing food insecurity in the Charlotte community.

Earth embedded in green forest
Going Green: The Environmental Benefits of Forestry

When people think of forestry, they often associate it with vast stretches of land covered in trees. However, at its core, it’s about making the world a better place. This post highlights a few of the many environmental benefits of forestry.

The Timberland Investment Community Labor Market: Recent Changes and What’s to Come

As economic and societal landscapes continue to shift and change, it’s important to adjust and prepare for the demands of the market. For those looking to enter the timberland investment industry, this means stacking your portfolio with up-to-date skillsets, staying on top of technology trends and bringing fresh perspectives to the table. For industry veterans, this means being open to, and embracing change.

Orbis Cares Aims to Support Communities Through Giving

A special note from Orbis, Inc. cofounders, Russ Combs and Clarence Neese

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