Forest Information Portal (FIP)

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Orbis’ forest management information system is a secure, password-protected cloud application designed to give information access, management support and distribution tools to forestry companies managing commercial timberland.

About Our Forest Information Portal (FIP)

Orbis’ FIP is a cloud-based forest inventory management system that offers clients an accessible, centralized repository for their data. Our FIP provides those in the timberland holding industry the tools they need to:

  • Manage their forests
  • Plan their harvesting operations on a day-to-day basis
  • Report on real-time, quantitative analytics

Our clients use role-based access controls to tailor their security risk tolerance through permission levels according to their business model. In this way, FIP empowers end users to make informed decisions quickly. FIP also helps companies avoid double data entries, lost time and possible errors, ultimately leading to strong growth potential and increased profitability.

Benefits of Our Forest Information System

FIP, a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, eliminates the need for you to install or maintain hardware or software. As a consolidated information management system, FIP stores all your forestry data in one central location that is available at any time in any place that has Internet access.

Key benefits include:

Secure Departmental Access
FIP allows full control of your data through secure roles and privileges, so that relevant information can be allocated without full access being granted. Permission details are determined by your company and tailored to fit your specific needs.

Spatial and Tabular Timber Management
FIP is an enterprise-level GIS application containing both spatial and tabular timber management information. FIP’s user-centric interface provides the platform for editing, viewing and reporting all data commonly maintained to support commercial forestry applications.

Data Security
Because Orbis understands the nature of the industry, we have implemented a data security system designed to meet your company’s demanding security requirements. Our data center meets the SAS70 Type II and SSAE 16 regulatory compliance, and our security management policies and procedures apply equally to technical, commercial and personal information.

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Modular-Based Application

In FIP’s module-based framework, modules can function alone, or they can transfer data to and from one another with a simple digital transfer of data. You can subscribe to the standard package alone or add additional modules or services.

Standard Package

This includes the following modules:

Forest Management
The forest management module provides a spatial view with GIS tools that allow you to extract data quickly and run reports from the dynamic map. In addition to the spatial data, this module includes quick analytics by property currently under management. Users can pull volume reports by property, tract and stand level, as well as product by species. Additionally, teams can view items such as total active contracts, current timber sale activity, and operational expenses vs. revenue, as well as hunt license revenue if the FIP client also uses the Orbis RLMS system.

Forest Budget
Silviculture is a tool for teams to enter planned and completed silviculture activities, including harvesting, planting, spraying, fertilizing and other activities, in both spatial and tabular formats.

The operational tool allows teams to enter operational expenses and revenues. These can include anything expense-wise from timber sale administration activities to surveying and road construction. Additionally, you can report budget and budget-to-actual on multiple levels.

Inventory Management
This module provides corporate-level team members a quick overview of all operational activities currently taking place. Users are able to update current inventory information and upload new inventory cruises and timber sale information. Various inventory adjustment tools for use by data managers are also provided.

Document Management
The document management module, currently in alpha stage of development, is a tool for accessing and searching all documents related to property management. Should clients be multi-system users, documents from additional platforms will be available here as well, such as recreational license documents from a client’s RLMS.

The reports module is a catchall of reports from the additional modules offered in FIP. It provides users with easy access to pull multiple reports in a single area.

Additional Modules. With a subscription to FIP, clients have the option of additional access to the following modules:

Timber Depletion
The timber depletion module provides teams and/or forestry consultants an area to enter or upload all timber settlement information including harvest contracts and tickets.

Forest Carbon Calculator
This is a preliminary planning and reporting tool for managers to estimate the amount of carbon based on standing-tree inventory.

Additional Services.

These include the following:

Atlas Land Records (Atlas)
Atlas provides secure, cloud-based storage, maintenance and analysis of the records data under management. This contemporary, efficient solution keeps track of legally accurate investment documents, providing confidential, yet easy access to up-to-date records in always-available, highly searchable form.

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Property Tax Management Solution
This is Orbis’ full-service solution for organizing, tracking and reporting property tax notices (assessments and bills) with delivery through a secure, cloud-based application.

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